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Puolustusvoimat : Spare units for CASA 295M aircraft

09.10.2019 12:16
Meddelandenummer i HILMA: 2019-018373

Julkisyhteisö ja yhteystiedot

Julkisyhteisön yhteystiedot
Officiellt namn Puolustusvoimat
Nationellt id 0952029-9
Postaddress PL 69
Postnummer 33541
Ort Tampere
Land Finland
Asiasta vastaava henkilö Heini Aspelin
Telefon +358299800
E-post purchase5.fdflogcom@mil.fi
Internetadress http://www.mil.fi
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Ilmoituksen kohde

Ilmoituksen kohde

Spare units for CASA 295M aircraft

Ilmoituksen tunniste- tai viitenumero

RFQ 4000001198

Ilmoituksen kohteen kuvaus

Spare parts, units and equipment to support Quick Engine Change assembly for Pratt&Whitney Canada PW127G engine of CASA 295M aircraft. Materials are listed in Annex 2.

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Lisätiedot kohteesta ja menettelystä

Tiedot ilmoituksen kohteesta ja menettelystä

Spare units for CASA 295M aircraft.

We are looking forward to receiving your quotation together with the fulfilled Requirement Matrix (Annex 1) by 18.11.2019, 14:00 hours (Finnish time, UTC +2).

Partial quotations will be accepted. Please quote only the items the part number of which you do recognize.

Only the quotations fulfilling all the critical requirements will be accepted to comparison. Comparison of the accepted quotations in this procurement shall be carried out based on the lowest unit price. The decision will be made item by item.

For comparison purposes FDF LOGCOM will convert the quoted prices into EUR using Euro Foreign Exchange Rate of published by European Central Bank on the day of the comparison.

In case there are two or more quotations with the same lowest price, the one with the quickest delivery time will be awarded. If there is still more than one quotation with the same lowest price and quickest delivery time, the award shall be made by drawing lots.

After the comparison of the quotations FDF LOGCOM will make the decision to award the Contract(s) to the winner(s) of the comparison.

FDF LOGCOM reserves the right to divide up the procurement and to decide the procured quantity.

This RFQ does not establish any commitment whatsoever on behalf of FDF LOGCOM. FDF LOGCOM is entitled, at its own discretion, to accept or reject the quotation in its entirety or only to accept or reject certain parts thereof.

Kompletterande information

The Tenderer shall refer to RFQ number 4000001198 in the quotation.

The Quotation shall be accompanied by the Requirement Matrix fulfilled (Annex 1).

The Quotation and the annex may be submitted on paper or by email to Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command HQ using either of the addresses below, primarily by courier or by mail:

By Courier:

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Commands Headquarter

Kirjaamo / tel. +358 299 570 239

RFQ 4000001198

Attention: Procurement Section 5 / Heini Aspelin

Hatanpään valtatie 30

FIN-33100 Tampere, FINLAND


By Mail:

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Commands Headquarter


RFQ 4000001198

Attention: Procurement Section 5 / Heini Aspelin

P.O. BOX 69, FIN-33541 Tampere, FINLAND


In case the email is the only possible method for submitting your quotation, it must be sent to following address:


Please mention RFQ number 4000001198 in the subject line.

Please pay attention to the fact that quotations and the annexes not received by or on the due date cannot be taken into account in the bid competition. The Tenderer shall be responsible of delivering the quotation to the correct address mentioned above by the dead line.

The FDF LOGCOM emphasizes that all Tenderer’s costs and expenses related to preparing or submitting the quotation as well as all costs related to the negotiations and evaluation following the quotation shall be solely and totally at the Tenderer’s expense and risk.

We are looking forward to receiving your quotation together with the fulfilled Requirement Matrix by 18.11.2019, 14:00 hours (Finnish time, UTC +2).


Avoimuusilmoitukseen liittyvä hakuprosessi päättyy

18.11.2019 kl. 14.00

Osoite, johon hakuasiakirjat/tarjousasiakirjat toimitetaan on ilmoitettu kohdassa 1.



Annex 1_Requirement Matrix_4000001198.pdf

Annex 2_Materials_4000001198.pdf

RFQ 4000001198.pdf

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